Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cloud and Trigram       9x12 monotype    sold

WHA!  THIS IS A MONOTYPE SHOWING  WHAT YOU MIGHT EXPECT TO SEE ON MY OTHER BLOG.....Intuitiveprintmaking (see above).   Please join me there for a real change of pace
 Unlike my more recent monoprints, this was done on a plexiglass plate.  Having no "matrix" or engraved plate that would produce a continuous quality or character through a print series, this is properly called a monotype.  (aficionados please comment here!)
 A trigram is a Chinese symbol made up of three lines, either broken (yin) or unbroken (yang).  The second (from the bottom ) is a yin  line  The third line  here is yet ambiguous and appears to be in the process of change.  The eye shape might suggest consciousness, the circle motives suggests both unity and separateness, Movement is indicated by the cloudy shapes above.... I could go on but I'm getting that uncomfortable feeling you get in most Art History classes.  This is one of my favorite attempts at following shapes and color toward an idea.  You can see; I'm still having fun with it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This is one of the stacks on the Rieke Ranch north of Deer Lodge. Yes, that's a canal to the right, and a shadow across the foreground.  Later I stood next to that big tree and painted.  I'll add that painting soon; I'll be in Roslyn, Washington this coming weekend for my yearly plein-air workshop with Catherine Gill and Darrell Anderson. This is the town where Northern Exposure was filmed......very picturesque......the hi-light of my painting-teaching year.
That's the bunk-house at the top of the drive, the main house is on the right.  the entire ranch has the patina of long use, and  artful and honest living.  Maybe that's my fantasy........There are tours throughout the ranch that might illuminate this, but I was totally focused on the physical graces of the place during the day there.

Grant-Kohrs throne room

Notice the small out-house in the middle of this drawing...It's not a good practice to put the "center of interest" in the very middle of a composition, but I'm sure that's the best place for it in this case, having obtained this condition many times in the past.

Grant-Kohrs Ranch

The sketches that follow were done recently at the Montana Painter's Alliance  fall paint-out in Deer Lodge Mt. and on the Little Blackfoot on the Rex and Judy Rieke ranch.  This may be the wash-shed at Grant-Kohrs as it's between the main house(behind) and the bunk house

Friday, September 16, 2011


This is a plein air oil painted in Deer Lodge (Mt.) yesterday.It's a little rough but considering the  subject, I'm pretty happy with it.  The old oldsmobile behind it really sets it off.  The steel building was more black than this image shows.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Snow and Ice, 14x14

This is a water-media piece done from a sketchbook page that was drawn on-site; not a bad practice for this particular time of the year in Western Montana.  

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Winter Hills

This is a small watercolor done on a special gesso surface which produces the granulation and texture so helpful in such a natural subject.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Airport Folk

Typical of my impromptu sketching, this drawing from an airport captures the attitude and boredom of a long wait.