Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This is one of the stacks on the Rieke Ranch north of Deer Lodge. Yes, that's a canal to the right, and a shadow across the foreground.  Later I stood next to that big tree and painted.  I'll add that painting soon; I'll be in Roslyn, Washington this coming weekend for my yearly plein-air workshop with Catherine Gill and Darrell Anderson. This is the town where Northern Exposure was filmed......very picturesque......the hi-light of my painting-teaching year.
That's the bunk-house at the top of the drive, the main house is on the right.  the entire ranch has the patina of long use, and  artful and honest living.  Maybe that's my fantasy........There are tours throughout the ranch that might illuminate this, but I was totally focused on the physical graces of the place during the day there.

Grant-Kohrs throne room

Notice the small out-house in the middle of this drawing...It's not a good practice to put the "center of interest" in the very middle of a composition, but I'm sure that's the best place for it in this case, having obtained this condition many times in the past.

Grant-Kohrs Ranch

The sketches that follow were done recently at the Montana Painter's Alliance  fall paint-out in Deer Lodge Mt. and on the Little Blackfoot on the Rex and Judy Rieke ranch.  This may be the wash-shed at Grant-Kohrs as it's between the main house(behind) and the bunk house